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2000's Glam Shots   

This one is for all of the Millenials and Gen Z-ers who miss the "old days." Let's pay homage to the early 2000's with the mall inspired backdrop Photo Shoots that we love. Dust off that slinky dress, relearn to walk in your platform sneakers, and bring a friend or a few! We provide the poses, cheeky props, and airbrushed backdrops.


Schedule your shoot

Click "Book Now" for available sessions. Each session is 15 minutes, you will be posed in 6 different positions and will receive a link with 12 digital images per session. Want prints & stickers? See below! 


What to Bring

Come in full glam and desired wardrobe, bring a handheld prop if you desire (Pets do not count as a prop, see pricing list below). 



Price Per Session: $45 

Group: $45 + $15 per additional person or pet

Each grouping counts as one session. Multiple sessions within a grouping are available and will be charged separately. See example below. 

Example: You are a group of 2

You want studio pictures with 2 together, then 1 person by themsevles, and the second person by themselves, that’s 3 sessions. $55 + $45 + $45.

For Multiple sessions please book multiple consecutive sessions. 


Prints & Stickers! 

We offer prints (like a true old fashion glam studio!) & stickers (call us modern) lol. 





Let's Work Together

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